how I started

Forced into the art & architecture world at a very young age, I am forever grateful to my parents who dragged, pushed & bribed me into it. The story goes: I was sitting in a gallery opening, incredibly bored, next to the bar, not tall enough to reach the counter. While my parents absorbed the atmosphere, the bartender took notice of me and gave me a muselet from one of the many champagne bottles he had opened that evening. No idea what to do with it he taught me how to make a chair from it. A fantastic rococo style chair. Happy and proud I skipped away with my object in hand & a seed was planted: these sort of events aren't that bad after all.

The days of loathing these types of events are today long-gone. Instead they have become an addiction.

My home is beautiful, but I have too much. The years of collecting rare & high-grade furnitures, lightning, ceramics & glas by Scandinavian mid-century designers has resulted in a small but very well stocked warehouse.

Only originals, you will not find any copies or reproductions on this site. I am located in Stockholm Sweden. If you find something you like or have queries. Don't hesitate to drop me a line.



collected by roland offers sales through the online collection. The site is updated with new items regularly, and shows the full range of  the collection. The goal is always to have original, vintage items, due to this they will have patina, i.e. some wear.  You are always welcome to request a condition report as well as more detailed photographs. 


By placing an order in the online store, you agree to the terms stated here. Shortly after your order is placed you will receive an email confirmation of your purchase, listing the object(s) of the order and total price including shipping.


I ship world-wide and arrange packing and transport by professional shipping companies. All prices quoted on our website are excluding shipping. I use several shipping companies dependent on the receiver's address to obtain the safest and most advantage quotes. Please ask for shipping quotes for individual items.

prices & payment

All prices on the website are in Euros.

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