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Wonderful things can happen when architects design furniture



Defined quality of a buildings's style, translated for the human body to move in can also be evident when architects design furnitures. Pieces of furniture, like manifestos, become signatures of architectural style. 


collection designers

stig lindberg 1916 - 1982



Was a Swedish designer, painter, and illustrator.

One of Sweden's most important postwar designers, Lindberg created whimsical studio ceramics & graceful tableware lines during a long career with the Gustavsberg pottery factory. He studied painting at the University College of Arts, Crafts and Design. In 1937, he went to work at Gustavsberg under Wilhelm Kåge and he was named Kåge's successor as art director in 1949. From this period until he left Gustavsberg in 1980, he designed individual ceramic items, as well as factory produced ranges & lines of dinnerware. He achieved fame for his eccentric forms and whimsical decoration

niels otto møller 1920 - 1981

Is known for the elegance of his furniture and highly-skilled craft. Twentieth-century Danish design was founded upon the principle that beauty is found by stripping away ornamentation rather than adding it, requiring the craftsman to rely on the materials, form and skill of their own hand. Møller often worked solely in rosewood and teak, which accentuated the elegant curves of his designs. Møller’s designs are some of the most timeless and sought-after pieces today. In 1944, he founded J.L. Møllers Møbelfabrik A/S, a company for which he produced designs and managed the production. The company is still active and family-owned. 

nils thorsson 1898 - 1975

Swedish/Danish designer who graduated from Royal Danish Academy & went on to become one of Aluminia most adored designer, excelling to become the art director in 1928. A position he kept for nearly 40 years! Through out his tenure he designed some of the company's best known ranges - Solbjerg 1934, Marselis 1953, the Baca series & he encouraged & oversaw the production of the Tenera series by a talented group of young female Scandinavians.  He also produced many other prized pieces in high fired glazes such as Solfatara and Clair de Lune. It should also be stated that while he was the art director for Aluminia he held the same position at Royal Copenhagen. 

hans-agne jakobsson 1919 - 2009

after finishing his architecture studies in Gothenburg he began his career as industrial designer at general motors. Fortunately he did not stay long but moved on to design lightning & furnitures. Influenced by the southern part of Sweden's nature, with glittering lakes & vast dark woods Jakobssen came up with new and innovative ways in lightning & illumination. A talented designer who experimented with brass, iron, glass, fabric & wood shavings. He mastered direction an colour of light like only very few people could. In 1951 he founded his own company, Hans-Agne Jakobsson AB, at Markaryd.


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